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Amici Ensemble

Amici Ensemble

The Amici Ensemble was formed in 1988 and the performers are mostly principal players with the NZ Symphony Orchestra and leading chamber musicians on the New Zealand music scene. This year, Amici comprises Donald Armstrong (violin, Malavika Gopal (violin), Andrew Thomson (viola), Ken Ichinose (cello), Bridget Douglas (flute), Patrick Barry (clarinet) and Carolyn Mills (harp).

The make-up of the Ensemble varies to match the programmed works, which enables less frequently performed combinations of instruments. A typical review comment is: “It was marvellous to hear these works from outside the standard chamber music repertoire.”

This programme features an interesting mixture of wind and string instruments. A new work by award-winning composer Salina Fisher contrasts with pieces by well-known composers.

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Sunday 16 September 2018 - St. Andrews on The Terrace


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